3.5HP-9HP 4T Diesel Engine High Pressure Water Pump DWP Series

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  • Powered by a strong engine, the strong and lightweight die-cast aluminum pump delivers high volume of water.
  • The highly effective mechanical seal with special carbon ceramics provide extra durability.
  • The entire unit is protected by a sturdy rollover pipe frame.
  • Guaranteed suction head of 7 meters.


  • Sprinkling for field irrigation.
  • Irrigation of paddy fields.
  • Orchard cultivation.
  • Pumping water from wells.
  • Feeding or draining water to / from ponds of troughs.
  • Feeding or draining water on fish farms.
  • Washing cattle, barns or agricultural tools.
  • Feeding water into water reservoirs.

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  • Diesel Water pumps are single self-priming centrifugal manufactured from high pressure aluminum alloy castings.
  • Powered by air-cooled and direct-injection and 4-stroke diesel engine.
  • Heavy-Duty full frame protection.

This versatile and durable pump is ideal for a variety of applications, from irrigation and construction to fire protection and emergency water supply.

Equipped with a powerful 4-stroke diesel engine, the pump offers superior performance and reliability, ensuring long periods of uninterrupted pumping. With a displacement of [insert displacement], this engine produces impressive power allowing the pump to handle large volumes of water efficiently. Its high pressure capability makes it ideal for transporting water over long distances or at higher altitudes.

One of the standout features of our 4T Diesel Engine High Pressure Water Pump is its ability to provide a steady flow of water even under harsh or challenging conditions. Equipped with advanced technology, the pump maintains its performance level even in the face of varying suction lifts or demanding terrain. Its self-priming design further enhances its efficiency as it easily draws water from the source without the need for manual actuation.

Our 4T diesel engine high pressure water pumps are designed with user convenience in mind, easy to maintain and operate. The fuel-efficient engine ensures long runs before refueling, minimizing downtime and enabling uninterrupted work. Plus, the pump is equipped with a sturdy handle and wheels for easy transport to different job sites, ensuring you can take it where you need it most.

Safety is always a top priority, which is why our 4T Diesel High Pressure Water Pumps are built with safety features. Its automatic low oil shutdown protects the engine from damage when the oil runs out, while its reliable cooling system prevents overheating and extends pump life.

In conclusion, our 4T Diesel Engine High Pressure Water Pump is the perfect solution for all your pumping needs. Its powerful engine, high pressure capability and user friendly design make it ideal for any industrial or agricultural application.


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Custom service

Color Blue, green, orange, yellow, or Pantone color card
Carton Brown corrugated box, or color box(MOQ=500PCS)
Logo OEM(YOUR BRAND with authority document), or our brand
Thermal Protector Optional part
Terminal Box different types for your selection

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