0.5HP -1HP JDW Series Auto Self-Priming Water Pump

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Technical Data
Model Single-phase Motor Ejector Type n=2850r/min Size mm Package Dimensions & G.W.
Input max kW Output Power Current Suct.max Q.max H.max L W H kg
kW HP A m L/min m
AUJDW-60 0.69 0.46 0.6 3 E25 15 25 32 25*30*25 430 300 230 16
E30 20 20 26
AUJDW-80 0.8 0.55 0.75 3.8 E25 20 30 35 25*30*25 430 300 230 16.5
E30 25 25 30
AUJDW-100 1.1 0.75 1 5.2 E25 20 30 40 25*30*25 430 300 230 17
E30 25 25 35

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JDW series Self-priming  Water Pump

JDW series automatic self-priming water pump adopts advanced technology, which can automatically self-prime without manual suction. This unique feature makes it very easy to use and saves you valuable time and effort. Whether you’re pumping water from a well, pool, or any other water source, this pump will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

One of the main features of the JDW series automatic self-priming water pump is its powerful motor. The pump has a high volume output that delivers a steady flow of water at consistent pressure. Whether you need to irrigate your garden, fill your water tank, or just move water from one place to another, this pump will do the job.

JDW series automatic self-priming water pumps are not only powerful and efficient, but also very durable. Constructed from high-quality materials, this pump is designed to stand the test of time and provide long-lasting performance. Its robust construction ensures that it can handle the toughest pumping tasks without any problem.

JDW series automatic self-priming water pump also has humanized design. It is small and light, easy to transport and install anywhere you need. The pump also features a convenient control panel that allows you to easily adjust flow and pressure. Additionally, it is equipped with a safety switch that automatically shuts down the pump in the event of any malfunction or emergency.

In conclusion, the JDW series automatic self-priming water pump is a reliable and efficient solution for all your water pumping needs. With its automatic self-priming feature, powerful motor, durability and user-friendly design, this pump is sure to exceed your expectations. With the JDW series automatic self-priming water pump, say goodbye to manual starting and say goodbye to worry-free pumping.


Liquid temperature up to 60℃
Ambient temperature up to 40℃
Total suction lift up to 9m
Continuous duty


Pump Body: Cast iron
Impeller: Brass/Techno-polymer
DIFFUSER Techno-polymer (P.P.O)
Mechanical Seal: Carbon/Ceramic/Stainless Steel


Single Phase
Heavy duty Continuous Work
Motor Housing: Aluminum Alloy
Shaft: Carbon steel/stainless steel
Insulation Class b /Class F
Protection: IP44/P54
Cooling: External Ventilation



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