0.5HP-3HP FCP Series Swimming Pool Water Pump

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Overall & Installation Dimensions PACKAGE DIMENSIONS & G.W
DNA DNM a b c e f g h i L W H kg
Inch mm Inch mm
FCP-370 1.5″ 40 1.5″ 40 500 304 190 204 196 180 136.5 9 530 220 295 7.5
FCP-550 1.5″ 40 1.5″ 40 500 304 190 204 196 180 136.5 9 530 220 295 9
FCP-750 1.5″ 40 1.5″ 40 500 304 190 204 196 180 136.5 9 530 220 295 10.5
FCP-1100 1.5″ 40 1.5″ 40 500 304 190 204 196 180 136.5 9 620 230 300 17.5
FCP-1500 1.5″ 40 1.5″ 40 500 304 190 204 196 180 136.5 9 620 230 300 19
FCP-2200 2″ 40 2″ 50 585 320 206 224 220 218 153 16 620 230 300 20.5

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FCP series Self-priming  Water Pump

Designed with advanced technology and premium materials, our pumps are the ultimate solution to keeping your pool water clean and fresh all year round.

At the heart of our swimming pool pumps is a powerful motor that ensures efficient water circulation. With its superior pumping capabilities, it effectively removes debris, leaves and dirt particles, leaving your pool water crystal clear. Never worry about getting tangled up in pool maintenance again!

Our pumps are equipped with user-friendly control panels that provide easy operation and customization options. You can easily adjust the flow rate and set the desired pumping duration for a perfectly balanced pool water circulation.

We understand the importance of energy efficiency, which is why our swimming pool pumps are designed to consume less electricity while delivering superior performance. Its smart power-saving feature ensures optimized energy usage, helping you save money on your electricity bills without compromising water cycle efficiency.

Another outstanding feature of our pumps is their quiet operation. Designed with noise-canceling technology, it runs quietly, allowing you and your loved ones to fully enjoy your pool experience without any distractions. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or playing in the water, our pumps ensure peace and tranquility.

Safety is our top priority and our swimming pool pumps are no exception. It is equipped with several safety features, including a built-in thermal protector that automatically shuts off the pump in the event of overheating or electrical problems. Additionally, the pump features a corrosion-resistant design that ensures long life and reliability even in challenging pool environments.

Say goodbye to pool water problems with our excellent pool water pump. Its cutting-edge features and exceptional performance will turn your pool into a pristine oasis. Get our pump today and start worry-free pool maintenance and enjoyment!

Operating Conditions

Liquid temperature up to 60℃
Ambient temperature up to 40℃
Total suction lift up to 9m
Continuous duty


Pump Body: Techno-polymer
Impeller: Techno-polymer
Mechanical Seal: Carbon/Ceramic/Stainless Steel


Single Phase
Heavy Duty Continuous Work
Motor Housing: Aluminum/Cast Iron
Shaft: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Insulation: Class B/Class F
Protection: IP44/IP54
Cooling: External Ventilation





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Custom service

Color Blue, green, orange, yellow, or Pantone color card
Carton Brown corrugated box, or color box(MOQ=500PCS)
Logo OEM(YOUR BRAND with authority document), or our brand
Coil/Rotor length length from 40~170mm, you could select them according to your request.
Thermal Protector Optional part

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