0.5HP-2HP JSP Series Self-Priming Water Pump

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Technical Data (220~240V/50HZ)
Model Single-phase Motor n=2850r/min
Input max kW Output Power Current Q.max H.max Scut.max
kW HP A L/min m m
JSP-100A 0.55 0.37 0.5 2.5 36 30 9
JSP-255A 0.88 0.6 0.8 4.2 48 46
JSP-355A 1.1 0.75 1 5.2 52 51
JSP-1200 1.5 1.1 1.5 7 60 55
JSP-1400 2 1.5 2 9.6 70 60

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JSP series Self-priming Water Pump

JSP Series Jet Water Pump – a powerful, efficient and reliable solution for all your water pumping needs, which are designed to meet the demanding requirements of a wide variety of applications, offering unrivaled performance and convenience.

With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, this jet water pump can withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you need to pump water from a well, tank or groundwater source, the JSP range is ideal. It boasts a powerful motor that delivers consistently efficient performance, ensuring a reliable supply of water when you need it.

JSP series jet water pumps are equipped with advanced features to increase their usability and versatility. Its compact design not only saves space, but also makes installation a breeze. It is easy to operate and suitable for professionals and homeowners alike. The pump also has a built-in pressure switch, eliminating the need for an external pressure switch, further simplifying installation and operation.

One of the outstanding features of the JSP series of jet water pumps is their exceptional efficiency. With its advanced technology, it maximizes water flow while minimizing energy consumption. Thus, you can save money on your electricity bills, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

In conclusion, the JSP series jet water pump is a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of water pumping applications. Its durable construction, advanced features, and user-friendly design make it ideal for professionals and homeowners alike. Experience the power and convenience of the JSP Series Jet Water Pumps and enjoy consistent, reliable water supply for all your needs.

Working Situation

Max Suction: 9M
Max Liquid Temperature: 60○C
Max Ambient Temperature: +40○C
Continuous duty


·Pump Body: Cast Iron
·Impeller: Brass/Techno-polymer(P.P.O)
·Mechanical Seal: Carbon/Ceramic/Stainless Steel


·Single Phase
·Insulation: Class B/Class F
·Heavy Duty Continuous Work
·Protection: IP44/IP54
·Motor Housing: Aluminum
·Cooling: External Ventilation
·Shaft: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel



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Custom service

Color Blue, green, orange, yellow, or Pantone color card
Carton Brown corrugated box, or color box(MOQ=500PCS)
Logo OEM(YOUR BRAND with authority document), or our brand
Coil/Rotor length length from 50~120mm, you could select them according to your request.
Thermal Protector Optional part
Terminal Box different types for your selection

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