0.5HP-1.5 ST SCM-ST Series Stainless Steel Centrifugal Water Pump

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Technical Data (220~240V/50HZ)
Model Single-phase Motor n=2850r/min
Input max kW Output Power Current Q.max H.max Scut.max
kW HP A L/min m m
SCM-18ST 0.55 0.37 0.5 2.5 100 18 9
SCM-20ST 0.8 0.55 0.75 3.8 110 20
SCM-26ST 1.1 0.75 1 5.2 120 26
SCM-34ST 1.5 1.1 1.5 7 140 34

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SCM-ST series

SCM-ST series are single stage centrifugal pumps, can be used to transfer clean water or other similar water in physical and chemical properties. It is suitable for industrial use and urban water supply, pressure boosting for high buildings and fire system, garden irrigation, long-distance water transfer, heating ventilation and air controlling, circulation and pressure boosting for cold and hot water, and supporting equipment, etc. SCM-ST series stainless steel centrifugal water pump is your best choice. This high-quality pump combines durable materials of construction with impressive performance to give you the ideal solution for a variety of applications.

This centrifugal pump features stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance to withstand the harshest environments. It features a heavy-duty design that can handle high flow and high pressure, making it ideal for irrigation, water treatment, and more.

In addition to its impressive construction, this water pump offers solid and reliable performance. The pump is designed to efficiently deliver water over long periods of time without causing any issues related to overheating or wear. It also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to install and operate.

Additionally, the SCM-ST series stainless steel centrifugal water pumps are equipped with safety features to protect equipment and operators.

Whether you need to deliver water for agricultural needs, water treatment facilities, or any other application, the SCM-ST series stainless steel centrifugal water pumps are the reliable and efficient choice. With its durable construction, reliable performance and a host of convenient safety features, this pump will help you get the job done right, no matter what the task involves.


Max Suction: 8M
Max Liquid Temperature: 60○C
Max Ambient Temperature: +40○C
Continuous duty


Pump Body: Cast Iron
Impeller: Brass
Mechanical Seal: Carton / Ceramic / Stainless Steel


Single Phase
Heavy Duty Continuous Work
Motor Housing: Aluminum
Wire: Copper Wire / Aluminum Wire
Shaft: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Insulation: Class B / Class F
Protection: IP44 / IP54
Cooling: External Ventilation



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Custom service

Color Blue, green, orange, yellow, or Pantone color card
Carton Brown corrugated box, or color box(MOQ=500PCS)
Logo OEM(YOUR BRAND with authority document), or our brand
Coil/Rotor length length from 50~150mm, you could select them according to your request.
Thermal Protector Optional part
Terminal Box different types for your selection

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